Dr William Cochrane

Lecturer, Convenor & Graduate Student Adviser (Labour Studies)

Qualifications: MSocSc, PhD Waikato

School of Social Sciences


About William

Bill Cochrane was a Research Fellow in the Population Studies Centre from 2002-2010, and continues in the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis as an Associate Researcher. He is involved with Jacques Poot and Michael Cameron in the provision of a wide range of consultancy services to local authorities, district health boards and various NGO's in the areas of population projection and labour market analysis.

He gained his PhD from the University of Waikato in 2011 researching regional diversity and local labour market outcomes in New Zealand.


Regional diversity; local labour market outcomes; organisation of work; industry structure and survey analysis; design and implementation.

Research Interests

Dr William Cochrane's main interests lie in Labour Economics. He specialises in the econometric analysis of local labour markets, spatial econometric analysis, evaluation of policy particularly in relation to the labour market and social security system, labour market and small area demographic projections; as well as analysis of the organisation of work and workplace productivity.

Recent Publications

  • Cochrane, W., & Pool, I. (2017). Māori in New Zealand’s contemporary development. Policy Quarterly, 13(Supplementary), 47-54.

  • Thomson, M., Shoston, N., Barrett, P. N., & Cochrane, W. (2017). Building an effective methamphetamine strategy: A thematic review conducted at the request of the Waikato District Police. Hamilton, New Zealand: The University of Waikato.

  • Pacheco, G., Chao, L., & Cochrane, W. R. (2017). Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap in New Zealand (Commissioned by Ministry for Women, New Zealand). Wellington: Ministry for Women.

  • Cochrane, W., & Maré, D. (2017). Urban influence and population change in New Zealand. Policy Quarterly, 13(Supplementary), 61-71.

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Room: K2.02
Phone: +64 7 838 4023