Dr Damion Sturm

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Qualifications: BA, MA Auck, PGDip(LeisureStd), PhD Waik


About Damion

Damion's interests cut across global media and sport cultures, inclusive of examinations of celebrity, fandom, affect and consumer/material cultures.

His current research is exploring the performances of both fandom and celebrity, the salience of affect, and the ongoing mediatisation of sport as spectacle.

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Featured Publications

Fleming, D., & Sturm, D. (2011). Media, masculinities and the machine: F1, Transformers and fantasizing technology at its Limits. New York: Continuum.

Sturm, D. (2011). Masculinities, affect and the (re)place(ment) of stardom in Formula One fan leisure practices. Annals of Leisure Research, 14, 2-3, pp. 224-241.

Sturm, D., & McKinney, A. (2013). Affective hyper-consumption and immaterial labors of love: Theorizing sport fandom in the age of new media, Participations, 10, 1, pp. 357-362.

Sturm, D. (In press). ‘Elitist aesthetics: Extreme metal fans as taste-makers and gate-keepers’. In S. Wilson (Ed.), Black Sun: The Undercurrents of (un)popular Music. North Carolina: McFarland.

Contact Details

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