Dr Isabelle I D Delmotte


Qualifications: PhD (S.C.U, Australia), MFA Research (U.N.S.W, Australia)

School of Arts


About Isabelle

I am particularly interested in creative practices as research tools and vehicles for interdisciplinary collaborations.

My Master of Fine Arts by Research (UNSW, Sydney) explored technological boundaries by applying uncharted audio­‐visual digital art practice to a phenomenological enquiry on the notion of consciousness. My  qualitative PhD enquiry (Southern Cross University, Australia) explored acoustic ecologies and the professional practice of cinema sound design. The research brought together creative practices with an interrogation of theories about cinematic professional experiences and embodied audience.

As a practicing multi-media artist my work has been included in 30 different events in New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Canada, the U.K and the U.S.A.
These productions involved multimedia installations, photography, 2D and 3D computer graphics and sound works. Solos and collective exhibitions, as well as public events, have been held at Artspace (Sydney), the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne), The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Casula Powerhouse (Sydney), the Adelaide Festival, The Institute of Contemporary Art (London).
My creative practice has been displayed in other regional and private galleries in New Zealand Australia, as well as in group events at the Australian Center for Photography (Sydney), Performance Space (Sydney), as well as in New Foundland (Canada), Boston, New Orleans and Washington D.C (U.S.A).


Arts and Language Education; Communication; Culture; Data mining; Digital Libraries; Ecology; Environment; Environment Issues; Film; Screen and Media; Teaching and Learning

Creative Practice, Sonic Studies, Phenomenology, Sensory Ethnography, Cinema sound, Nature Documentary, Media Practices

Research Interests

  • acoustic ecologies
  • film and documentary sound
  • sensory ethnography
  • soundscapes studies
  • phenomenologies of professional practice

Recent Publications

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2017). Losing sight of atmospheric sounds in televised nature documentary. The New Soundtrack, 7(1), 67-82. doi:10.3366/sound.2017.0097

  • Delmotte, I. (2016). On the inner-perceived sound objects. Writing Around Sound, 3, 3-10.

  • Delmotte, I. (2016). Examining experiential unbalance and the fuzziness of nature in the Soundtracks of Televised Wildlife Documentaries. In Revisiting Audiences: Reception, Identity, Technology. Conference held at University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2016). Sight (in) audible (No. Of Pieces: 6 audio, 1 visual moving image, 1 script, soundtrack) [multi-media installation, audio, moving image and texts]. Creative Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from

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Papers Taught


Creative Practices and Creative Technologies, Masters and Honours students

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