Associate Professor Karen N Barbour

Associate Professor

Qualifications: PhD (Waikato), DipContDance (Unitec), MSocSci (Waikato), BSocSci (Waikato)

School of Arts



Composition; Culture; Dance; Education; Film; Human Geography; Pedagogy; Performance; Philosophy; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Movements; Sustainability; Teaching; Theatre; Women and Gender Studies

Choreography, feminist praxis, autoethnography, ethnography, narrative

Research Interests

Some recent publications include:

Barbour, K.N. (September 15 2016). Dark clouds on the horizon: Neoliberalism in higher education. Cultural Studies <=> Critical methodologies, 1-5, DOI: 10.1177/1532708616669526

Barbour, K.N. (2016). Place-responsive choreography and contemplative pedagogies: A sensual experience. In R. Rinehart & e. emerald (Eds.),Global South Ethnographies: Minding the Senses (pp.127-145). Rotterdam, The Netherlands:  Sense Publishers.

Barbour, K.N. (2015). In the middle of the deep blue sea. In M. Brown & B. Humberstone (Eds.), Seascapes: Shaped by the sea (pp.109-124). Australia: Ashgate.

Barbour, K.N. (Choreographer & performer). (2015). Whenua – Land [dance season]. Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, Waikato River, Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand; 21-23 February 2015.

Barbour, K.N. (2015). Yoga teachers’ insights in working with dancers: Pedagogical approaches in transformation. Contemporising the past: envisaging the future:Refereed proceedings of the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit, Angers, France: University of Angers.

Barbour, K.N. & Hitchmough, A. (2014). Experiencing affect through site-specific dance. Emotion, Space and Society, 12, 63-72.

Barbour, K.N. (2014). Searching for Bliss: Insights and challenges in yoga and contemporary dance choreography. Dance Research Aotearoa, 2, 79-100.

Barbour, K.N. (Choreographer & performer). (2013). Bliss [dance season]. Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, Indian Char Bagh Garden, Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand; 20-22 February 2013.

Barbour, K.N. (2013). Cultivating embodied ways of knowing: Integrating contemporary dance and yoga practice in tertiary education. In Close Encounters: Contemporary dance didactics: Explorations in Theory and Practice. (pp.105-116). Stockholm, Sweden: 1990-2004

Barbour, K.N. (2013). Canoe racing, outrigger. In D.H. Levinson & G. Pfister (Eds.), Berkshire Encyclopaedia of World Sport (pp.212-216). Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing Group.

Barbour, K.N. (2012). Standing centre stage: Autoethnographic writing and solo dance performance. Cultural StudiesóCritical Methodologies, 12(1), 67-71.

Barbour, K.N. (Choreographer). (2012). Places we call home. In Dancing in place [dance season]. [dance season]. Playhouse Theatre, Academy of Performing Arts, Hamilton; 23 November 2010.

Barbour, K.N. (2012). Enhancing kinaesthetic empathy in digital dance. Lucid and liminal imagery. The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 6(5), 259-267.

Barbour, K.N. (2011). Dancing across the page: Narrative and embodied ways of knowing. Bristol, UK: Intellect Books.

Barbour, K.N. (2011). Dance site: Reconceptualizing digital dance. Brolga, 35, 57-64.

emerald, e., & Barbour, K.N. (2015). ‘I’ll go back next week – it’s complicated’: Returning to dance with the help of Bourdieu. In lisahunter, W.Smith, & e. emerald (Eds.), Pierre Bourdieu and physical culture (pp.27-36). NY: Routledge.

Rinehart, R., Barbour, K.N., & Pope, C. (Eds.). (2014). Ethnographic worldviews: Transformation and social justice. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

Papers Taught


Current PhD research students include:

Allison Jeffrey - Yoga and the Modern Western World: An interdisciplinary investigation into the impact of yogic practices on the lived experiences of practitioners.

Rodrigo Hill - River-Ride: Examining the socio-cultural significance of Te Awa Pathway (Chief supervisor).

Gloria Clarke - Extracurricular activity, whanau aspirations, and Maori boys (supervisor).

Ann Easter - Student Experiences of Acceleration into Tertiary Education (supervisor).

Completed PhD students:

Jo Straker - Meanings of the Outdoors in Outdoor Education (2014).
Debbie Bright - Reflective Practice in the Arts (2010).

Completed Masters students:

N. Mtakwa - Factors influencing women’s participation in physical activity during pregnancy.
M. Nemani - Women in the Sport of Body Boarding.

M. Martin - Arts Curriculum in the Solomon Islands

R. Hippolite - Māori Experiences of Racism in Sport D. Bright MSPLS: Reflective Practice in Dance Making
J. Waggoner - The Ballerina Body Aesthetic

Contact Details

Room: I3.12
Phone: 7738