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Dr Liezl van Zyl

BA(Hons,) MA, DPhil Stellenbosch

Graduate Student Adviser (Philosophy), Senior Lecturer


School of Social Sciences

Teaches in Ethics



Ethical theory; applied ethics; political philosophy; aesthetics.

Research Interests

My research is mainly in Normative theory (in particular virtue ethics, right action, and moral luck), and Applied ethics (surrogate motherhood, euthanasia and justice in the distribution of health care).

Recent Publications

  • Walker, R., & van Zyl, L. (2015). Surrogate motherhood and abortion for fetal abnormality. Bioethics, -online, 1-7. doi:10.1111/bioe.12157

  • van Zyl, L., & Walker, R. (2015). The future of surrogacy in New Zealand – Beyond the adoption model: Contribution to a Feminist Dialogue on Proposed changes to the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act (2004). Women's Studies Journal, 29(1), 45-48.

  • van Zyl, L. (2015). 徳倫理学と正しい行為 (Virtue ethics and right action). In ダニエル・C.ラッセル (編), 立花 幸司 (監訳), 相澤 康隆 (訳), 稲村 一隆 (訳), 佐良土 茂樹 (訳)(Daniel C. Russell & Tachibana Koji ) (Ed.), 徳倫理学 ケンブリッジ・コンパニオン新刊 (Cambridge Companion to Virtue ethics) (pp. 267-304). Spring and Autumn, Inc..

  • van Zyl, L., & Walker, R. (2015). Surrogacy, compensation, and legal parentage: Against the adoption model. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 12(3), 383-387. doi:10.1007/s11673-015-9646-4

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Teaching Commitments

Convenor of:


Donya Keyhani

Ling Wong

Terry Hardwick

Mark Smith

Bruce Small

Contact Details

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Van Zyl, Dr Liezl 9356 liezl J.3.19A Philosophy Programme

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