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Dr Liezl Van Zyl

BA(Hons,) MA, DPhil Stellenbosch

Senior Lecturer


School of Social Sciences



Ethical theory; applied ethics; political philosophy; aesthetics.

Featured Publications

Liezl van Zyl, 2013. Virtue ethics and right action, in D. Russell (ed.) Cambridge Companion to Virtue Ethics, Cambridge University Press.

Liezl van Zyl. 2011. What about ought? Response to Practical Intelligence and the Virtues. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, September.

Liezl van Zyl. 2009. Agent-based virtue ethics and the problem of action guidance, Journal of Moral Philosophy 6(1): 50-69.

Liezl van Zyl. 2007. Can virtuous people emerge from tragic dilemmas having acted well? Journal of Applied Philosophy 24 (1): 50-61.

Liezl van Zyl. 2000. Death and Compassion: A Virtue-Based Approach to Euthanasia. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.

Forthcoming Publications

Liezl van Zyl, forthcoming in 2013. Right action and the targets of virtue, in S. Van Hooft (ed.), Handbook of Virtue Ethics, Acumen and McGraw-Hill.

Liezl van Zyl, forthcoming in 2014. What is a virtue?, in M. Alfano (ed.), Current Controversies in Virtue Theory, Routledge.

Liezl van Zyl, forthcoming in 2014. Aristotelian virtue ethics, in M. Slote and L. Besser-Jones, Routledge Companion to Virtue Ethics, Routledge. 

Recent Publications

  • Walker, R., Van Zyl, L. (2015) Surrogate motherhood and abortion for fetal abnormality
    Refereed journal article - Bioethics
  • Van Zyl, L., Walker, R. (2013) Beyond altruistic and commercial contract motherhood: The professional model
    Refereed journal article - Bioethics
  • Van Zyl, L. (2011) Qualified-agent virtue ethics
    Refereed journal article - The South African Journal of Philosophy
  • Van Zyl, L. (2011) Rightness and goodness in agent-based virtue ethics
    Refereed journal article - Journal of Philosophical Research

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Van Zyl, Dr Liezl 9356 liezl J.3.19A Philosophy Programme

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