Mrs Lucy Campbell

Senior Tutor

Qualifications: B.A.(Hons), PGDipSLT, M.A.(Applied) Waikato

School of Arts


About Lucy

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Law and Humanities in the United Kingdom, I embarked on a period of legal training in offices in London and then Hong Kong. Fuelled by a desire to see more of Asia, I traveled to Japan, ostensibly for 6 months. This turned into nearly seven years and a career change into teaching English. Whilst in Japan, I completed the Cambridge CTEFLA, and taught in a language school, followed by employment in three women’s universities.

After moving to New Zealand, I recognized the need to upgrade my qualifications and completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Second Language Teaching and MA (Applied) here at Waikato University in 1998-1999. In 2000, I began working for the department redesigning and then teaching on the papers ESLA101, ESLA102 and ESLA200. In 2002 I designed and taught the paper ESLA202 and in 2009, the paper ESLA201. I also teach the paper ESLA302, and on two papers in the Post Graduate Diploma in Second language Teaching, Reflective Practice for Language Teaching APPL557 and APPL558.

I am currently Chair of the University Student Discipline Committee.

Recent Publications

  • Johnson, E. M., Khoo, E., & Campbell, L. (2013). Cycles of teacher reflection: Using course-cast software to enhance fully online language teacher education. J. C. Rodriguez, & C. Pardo-Ballester (Eds.), CALICO.

  • Campbell, L. (2011). The experience of using panopto video & desktop capture in an on-line graduate paper. In Waikato Centre for eLearning 2011. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Campbell, L. (2010). Looking at alternatives within Moodle: An experiment using Google™ docs and sites in a graduate programme. In Applied Linguistics Association of New Zealand (ALANZ) Regional Seminar. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Campbell, L. (2010). [Review of Teaching academic writing by Friedrich, Patricia (Ed.)]. The TESOLANZ Journal, 18, 55-56. Retrieved from

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