Max Oulton

Geological Maps

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Geology of Ngaroto Area

A series of 3 figures showing
1. Geology
2. Lake Bathymetry
3. Surface vegetation of the surrounding area

Lake Bathymetry

Surface Vegetation

Loess Buildup over time

Graphical representation of loess build-up over time involving different phases in time and different soil profiles.

Map showing estimated and recorded ash fall from Rerewhakaaitu Volcanic eruption 17,600 years ago. Depths of tephra (Pumice-like ash) are also shown.

Tephra Age Graphs

Graphs showing a selection of age-related data from different sites from over NZ.

Tree Date Graphs

Graphs showing similarity relationships between various sites in the US of tephras.

Geology Map of Tuakau

Geology map of the Tuakau area showing various volcanic features