Max Oulton

Miscellaneous Maps and Graphics

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Antarctica Polar Map

Map used in Kim Kings book,A Natural History of Weasels and Stoats. 2006

Map of historical climbing routes in French Alps

Map showing historical routes used by climbers in the French Alps.

FCF Worldwide Locations

Taiwanese Company FCF has branches and offices worldwide. This map shows the width of their global influence. Work completed for Law lecturer at Monash University, Melbourne.

Firth of Thames sediment build-up

Firth of Thames has large areas of sand/mud flats. NIWA has been doing research in the build-up of sediment and its content.

Chana and Niger oilrigs and wells

Map showing oilrig location and well information off the coast of Ghana and Niger.

Kaipara Harbour in Black and White

Two maps of the Kaipara with tidal and inter-tidal areas shown in colour and black and white.

Kaipara Harbour in Colour

North Island Physical Relief

Physical relief maps; work prepared for Kim King for her A photographic guide to Mammals of New Zealand, 2008.

South Island Physical Relief

Raglan Catchment

Map drawn to show current land cover to measure against sediment runoff for NIWA.

Mussel Sample Sites

Map showing Mussel sample sites for PhD student.

Planting Map for Waitakaruru Arboretum

Used by owners of Waitakaruru Arboretum and Sculpture Park as a large display beside the car park for visitors to locate various plantings etc.

Map of the Bay of Islands

Map showing the Bay of Islands prepared for a book about NZ Islands for Batemans publishers.

Map of Lucknow

Produced for an edited book series of Indian history. The editor, Ralph Crane, is now the Head of the School of English, Journalism and European Languages at the University of Tasmania.

Map of British Garrison

Map of New Guinea

These were drawn for a book of Art in the SW Pacific area.

Map of SW Pacific area

Map of Welcome Bay

A map used in a survey of the Welcome Bay area of Tauranga, New Zealand.