Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki

Research Officer, MPRU; Research Fellow

Qualifications: PhD, PGDipPsych(Clin) Waikato, MNZPsS, MRSNZ

Iwi: Ngāti Hako, Ngāti Mahanga

School of Psychology


About Waikaremoana

As the Research Officer for the Māori Psychology Research Unit, Waikaremoana actively engages with Māori and non-Māori students, academic colleagues, community organisations, psychologists and community organisations to work on Māori focussed research projects. Her post-doctoral research seeks to identify Māori experiences of Bipolar Disorder and pathways to recovery. She supervises Masters' students, supports undergraduate students throughout the department and contributes to teaching.

Waikaremoana has been a clinical psychologist since 2001 with work and research interests in Kaupapa Māori psychology, adult mental health, child and adolescent mental health, corrections, drug and alcohol, supervision, accreditation and curriculum development.  She is on the Reconciliation Action Plan working party with members of the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association and the Australian Psychological Society.  Waikaremoana is the co-convenor of NSCBI and the Bicultural Director on the New Zealand Psychological Society Executive.  Waikaremoana was the deputy chair of the New Zealand Psychologist's Board, and board member from 2002-2009.

Waikaremoana previously taughtBicultural Issues

in the clinical programme, Abnormal Psychology as a graduate course and contributed toGeneral and Experimental Psychology,

Research MethodsandPsychological Applications of the Treaty of Waitangi

.  Her PhD research used a task analysis to identify training content to develop a cultural competency training programme for psychology students to prepare them to work with Māori.

Research Interests

Maori experiences of Bipolar Affective Disorder

Immigrants' experiences of mental health systems

Maori and Indigenous worldviews: Shaping the practice of psychology

Cultural competency

Recent Publications

  • Waitoki, W. W., & Nikora, L. W. (2017). Challenges and continuities: Unintended impacts of Te Reo Māori language revitalisation efforts. In Nga Pae o te Maramatanga: Researcher Wananga. Waipapa Marae, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Gibson, K., Abraham, Q., Asher, I., Black, R., Turner, N., Waitoki, W. W., & McMillan, N. (2017). Child poverty and mental health: A literature review (Commissioned for New Zealand Psychological Society and Child Poverty Action Group). Retrieved from

  • Waitoki, W. W. (2016). Ko tōku ingoa ko Ripeka - My name is Ripeka. In W. Waitoki, & M. Levy (Eds.), Te Manu Kai i Te Mātauranga: Indigenous Psychology in Aotearoa/New Zealand (pp. 21-28). Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Psychological Society.

  • Masters, B. A., Nikora, L., Waitoki, W., Valentine, H., MacFarlane, S., & Gibson, K. (2016). Our response to the question of indigenous elders: How does your training prepare psychologists to work with indigenous people?. In International Journal of Psychology: Special Issue: 31st International Congress of Psychology (ICP2016) Vol. 51. Conference held at Yokohama, Japan.

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