Dr Todd Nachowitz

Teaching Fellow, Research Associate

Qualifications: BA (South Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison); MA (Anthropology, Syracuse University); PhD (Political Science & Public Policy, University of Waikato)

School of Social Sciences


About Todd

Todd completed his PhD (2015), entitled "Towards a framework of deep diversity: identity and invisibility in the Indian diaspora in New Zealand," in the Department of Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Waikato. Drawing on the Indian diaspora in New Zealand as a case study, and utilising anthropological and demographic methodologies and policy assessment, his thesis views diversity and multicultural policy in both historical and contemporary contexts, and proposes a new framework for diversity governance. Previously, Todd received a BA (1984) in South Asian Studies, minoring in Religious Studies, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), and an MA (1991) in Development Anthropology from Syracuse University (New York, USA) on indigenous resistance to large-scale development projects in India and Northern Québec. Since 1980, he has spent over a decade living, studying and researching in South Asia, working in the fields of religious studies, anthropology, language teaching (Hindi and Urdu), cross-cultural education, conservation and development. He has lived and worked in the United States, India, Pakistan and Nepal, and since December 1995, has lived and worked in New Zealand, first as Academic Director for a US-based undergraduate study-abroad programme in both indigenous studies and environmental conservation, and more recently, as a part-time Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in the Studies in Religion programme at the University of Waikato.


Anthropology; Migration; Population Studies; Religion

South Asian Studies,
Diversity and Multicultural Policy,
Hindi and Urdu Languges

Research Interests

Religion: comparative religion, religion in South Asia, interfaith relations, contemporary practice, esoteric traditions, mysticism, fundamentalism and extremism, new religious movements, religion in diaspora, indigenous religion;

Anthropology: anthropology of religion, development anthropology, peoples and cultures of South Asia;

South Asian Studies: religion, anthropology, languages (Hindi & Urdu), history, politics;

Diversity Governance: diversity and multicultural policy, public policy, the history and development of multiculturalism;

Demography and Population Studies: South Asian diaspora, migration, immigration;

Development Studies: sustainable development, social impact assessment;

Ethnomusicology: Indian classical music.

Featured Publications

2015. Towards a framework of deep diversity: identity and invisibility in the Indian diaspora in New Zealand. PhD thesis. University of Waikato. Available at <>.

2009. Conserv-Vision: the next 50 years. Co-editor of conference proceedings. Available at: <>.

2007. “New Zealand as a multireligious society: recent census figures and some relevant implications.” Aotearoa Ethnic Network Journal, Volume 2, Issue 2. Auckland: Aotearoa Ethnic Network.
1991. An Alternative Directory of Non-Governmental Organizations in South Asia, Revised Edition.
Syracuse, New York: Foreign and Comparative Studies, Syracuse University.
1991. “The damming of native lands.” The Nation, Vol. 253, Issue 13, pp. 473-477. October 21st issue. Washington, DC. Co-authored with Steve Turner.
1991. “Every last drop: exploiting the water and people of Québec’s James Bay.” World Rivers Review, Vol. 6, No. 1. San Francisco: International Rivers Network.
1988. “Repression in the Narmada Valley, India.” Cultural Survival Quarterly, Vol. 12, No. 3. Cambridge, MA. Issue on Relocation and Resettlement.
1988. “The Tehri Dam, India—stumbling toward catastrophe.” Cultural Survival Quarterly, Vol. 12, No. 2. Issue on Hydroelectricity and Indigenous Peoples.

Forthcoming Publications

2018. “Identity and invisibility: early India presence in Aotearoa New Zealand, 1769-1850.” Forthcoming book chapter in Indians in the Antipodes: Networks of Empire, Boundaries of Race, edited by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay and Jane Buckingham. Oxford University Press.

Recent Publications

  • Nachowitz, T. S. (2015). Towards a framework of deep diversity: identity and invisibility in the Indian diaspora in New Zealand. (PhD Thesis). Retrieved from

  • Nachowitz, T. S. (2007). New Zealand as a multireligious society: recent census figures and some relevant implications. Aotearoa Ethnic Network Journal, 2(2). Retrieved from

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Associations and Memberships

American Academy of Religion (AAR)
American Anthropological Association (AAA)
New Zealand Asian Studies Society (NZ Asia)
New Zealand Association for the Study of Religion (NZASR)
New Zealand India Research Institute (NZIRI)
Population Association of New Zealand (PANZ)

Religious Diversity Centre in Aotearoa New Zealand (RDC)
Waikato Interfaith Council (WIFCO)

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Room: K.2.19
Phone: x9504