Dr Arezou Zalipour


Qualifications: PhD (Waikato), PhD (UKM)


About Arezou

Arezou Zalipour's research and creative practice focus on the intersections of screen production and audiences, socio-cultural diversity, migration and diaspora studies. Her recent project offered a theoretically innovative, ground-breaking study of the production practices of diasporic filmmakers in New Zealand by first ever conceptualisation of 'Asian New Zealand cinema'.

Her work has been published in the International Journal of Cultural Studies, The Communication Review, Transnational Cinemas, Media International Australia, Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal as well as other journals and edited collections. Her forthcoming book is entitled: Migrant and Diasporic Screen Media in New Zealand.


Arezou welcomes graduate and doctoral inquiries from anybody who thinks anything related to the areas of her expertise and interests qualifies her to supervise them.


Communication; Culture; Film; Migration; Pedagogy; Politics; Screen and Media

Screen Production, Diaspora Studies, Transnationalism, Postcolonialism, multiculturalism, super-diversity, Reception Studies, Media and Creative Practice, diasporic imagination, social imagination, video production

Research Interests

  • Asian New Zealand cinema; diasporic film and film-making in New Zealand
  • Audience Reception Studies in culturally diverse societies
  • migrant, diasporic and transnational cinema
  • philosophy and sociology of imagination and creativity
  • transmedia and diasporisation
  • media and creative practice in diaspora
  • Postcolonial Studies in screen media
  • ethnic media and digital cultures
  • World cinema
  • Iranian cinema
  • Video, creative technologies and visual pedagogy
  • phenomenology of the image

Featured Publications

Zalipour, A. (2015). Emerging Asian New Zealand filmmakers in New Zealand cinema. In B. Goldsmith, M. Ryan & G. Lealand (Eds.), Directory of World Cinema: Australia and New Zealand 2(pp. 311-319). Bristol, UK: Intellect.

Zalipour, A.(2016). The Interstitial and collective modes of film production in New Zealand: A case study in Asian diasporic films. Transnational Cinemas, 7(1), 96-110. doi: 10.1080/20403526.2016.1111670

Zalipour, A., Michelle, C., & Hardy, A. (2014). Modes of engagement among diasporic audiences of Asian New Zealand film. The Communication Review, 17(4), 311-335. doi:10.1080/10714421.2014.960735

Zalipour, A.& Athique, A. (2016). Diasporic films and the migrant experience in New Zealand:  A case study in social imagination. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 19(4), 425-440. doi: 10.1177/1367877914553725

Zalipour, A.& Hardy, A. (2016). Women, religion and food: Indian diasporic film in New Zealand. Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 45 (8), 775-789. doi: 10.1080/00497878.2016.1232026

Zalipour, A. (2016). Integrating through Screen: The Muslim Diaspora in New Zealand. In E. Kolig and M. Voyce (Eds.), Muslim Integration: Pluralism and Multiculturalism in New Zealand and Australia (pp. 129-147). London, UK: Lexington Books.

Recent Publications

  • Zalipour, A., Gedera, D., & Tharratt, S. (2016). Closely knit [Short film]. Hamilton, New Zealand: New Tiger Media.

  • Zalipour, A., & Hardy, A. (2016). Women, religion, and food: Indian diasporic film in New Zealand. Women's Studies: an interdisciplinary journal, 45(8), 775-789. doi:10.1080/00497878.2016.1232026

  • Zalipour, A. (2016). Integrating through screen: The Muslim diaspora in New Zealand. In E. Kolig, & M. Voyce (Eds.), Muslim Integration Pluralism and Multiculturalism in New Zealand and Australia (pp. 129-147). United States of America: Lexington Books.

  • Zalipour, A. (2016). [Review of D-passage: The digital way by Trinh T Minh-ha]. Media International Australia, 158(1), 141-142. doi:10.1177/1329878X15622081g

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