About Us

digital HINTERLAND is an electronic journal of German-speaking cultures and literatures. It has been developed to publish students’ top academic works.

digital HINTERLAND was founded by students and staff of the University of Waikato’s German Programme in Hamilton, New Zealand and continues to be run from there. The journal’s name not only refers to the geographical location of the university, but also hints at the idea that it is often notions and commodities from the ‘hinterland’ which supply the ‘centres’. In addition, in a world of global digital networks the search for the location and interaction of centre and periphery as well as inter-faces and deeper meaning may assume new and unexpected dimensions. It may well turn out that the ‘hinterland’ is an ironic descriptor and/or a place of hidden knowledge and charm.

digital HINTERLAND publishes top academic essays and experimental texts which have been recommended by at least two academic staff members. Texts can be submitted in English and German.