Submission of texts

Works may be submitted in either English or German and should have two academic references attached. If the texts have also been used for university assessment purposes, they should have been graded in the ‘A’ range. Please send your texts along with the accompanying references to the following address:

Dr Norman Franke
University of Waikato
German Programme
PO Box 3105

Format of Text

In general:

Essay Word Count:
Normally, the entire text (inclusive of footnotes, but excluding the abstract) should not exceed 7000 words. However, in exceptional circumstance texts may be longer.

Abstract Word Count:
The abstract should not exceed 300 words.
Pleas provide a word count of the main text and the abstract.

German Spelling:
We ask that you use the latest German spelling system (preferably with the additional suggestions from DIE ZEIT).

Text Format:
Texts should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents.
Where applicable, pictures and diagrams should be directly embedded into the document. Copyright permissions should have been procured for pictures and diagrams not originating from the author.

Footnotes within texts should follow Duden or MLA formats for German and English texts respectively.
We prefer footnotes to endnotes, as this not only saves turning pages back and forth, but also provides the main text with a directly accessible substrata for references and further exposition of points for topics.
The footnotes should be as succinct as possible and should not dominate the lay-out of the page.
Endnotes are not required. Full bibliographic information should be placed in the footnotes, thus making an additional reference list unnecessary.

Style Sheet:
Please use the attached style sheet as an example of the correct format (weblink).