MAYHEM - Issue Four

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Liam Hinton

Lower Gan Eden

The walls of her temple
sound familiar
in black and white

Showerhead swansong
he holds her sub atomic

Presses her glass finger
into ink print condensation

A southern pulse
tongues the wrap around whip
of the tumble dryer

Her split tile figure
marks the air wet

 Ecstasy spills
 from the megaphone
Lascia ch’io pianga

And into pink ears
 hands that pluck
from the olive tree

The Three Beggars
absent worthies
plagiarised constellations
running a mouth
over supernova fog

Eros and Thanatos
hang umbilical
from mothers waist

She saw her son climb
The windowsill chips
spat onto lavender forehead

But Handel misspelt
Rinaldo's overture
Syncopated on parchment
a Lover's cock in Braille


If God won't catch him, the ground will.


Contributor's Note
Liam is an actor, writer and student of Theatre and English at the University of Waikato. His claim to fame is beating Conor Maxwell in a fist fight ask him about it because it’s true. Plagiarism is bad.