MAYHEM - Issue Four

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Joshua Morris

Circadian Rhythm

There are so many nows and they keep

I would love you on one knee.
Turn each one of your quips into a dose,
and consume.

the mouth open wide
and the hand down the pants tracing paper
on the thighs.
Playing script down my throat.
Something like love me tender
or choke on this
                    in your eyes.

                    Slide to the side, the words will never look finished.

Shared the couch at Wonderhorse
you were to my left
my whole body was swivelled to face you
I talked about a fucking t-shirt for a good minute or so just to keep the focus on:
          Aubergine your favourite
A solipsistic dog insisting that the swimmer got it all wrong
by placing a world within your eggplant basket;
                                                                                                    The fish fell in love with you.
So I tattooed it onto my wrist
see here ichthys;
it weeps fertile, a circle with a point
                                        ichor thistle
                                        You said the navel
                                        You said
The knee is plastered to the ground and I can’t suck your poison out fast enough
make a cup with my hands
draw discordant
like a satchel in a tight breeze
Not sure what you’re getting at or how
but I want all of you down here and in all of me
like snapper or hoki or-

                                                                                                    Sentiment and bullshit on the lino;

Where bodies fuck/ and come
                                               apart/ like dry leaves.

Contributor's Note
Joshua Morris is a gender-queer poet who writes a lot, some of it is good. They study English at the University of Waikato.