MAYHEM - Issue Four

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Joshua Morris

impose Their language

You borrow from faggots
and queers alike
a thief riddled with

Foucault’s chains-
are not chains are
linked at the opposable thumb
scraping back the paint on your corneas

the context
on your friends and family

with signifier of cloth 
projector screen
warps at the edges where it isn’t straight

Otherwise known as bullshit
non-binary is complete
and utter-
It doesn’t fit with zeroes and ones hun
paint the nails and trim them back
to raw

Your name is like the dusk
a photosynthetic blip
of masking tape
your beliefs
have nothing to do with it

wrench in the gasket
the piston is in and out and

Right in his fucking arsehole
lies the law
a sun the size of a jungle
feels like a fist

jolting the skull
loosening the grey matter

should tear off your hair to make everything match
the tool is pressed to your tail bone
you know what to do

with the rest of the problem
you c
        all a genderless body

in the no man’s field
ripen beyond seeds
ferment beyond willows

And swallow what you spit up.

Contributor's Note
Joshua Morris is a gender-queer poet who writes a lot, some of it is good. They study English at the University of Waikato.