MAYHEM - Issue Four

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Joshua Morris

not delivered due to lack of postage

I want
your dog of marriage
hempel collected
sketchbook bound
take up the plastic
and teeth graze the
marks of fibrous hooks
into the epitaxy

The sticker wasn’t indication enough;
Turn it.
One out of two sides is not hidden.
One out of two sides is a car door slam.


there was a tradition of that

Bottom lip twitch
clear-throat cough,
isolated spittle
mottled oropharynx
Cricket call at 300 bpm
Trying to recoil the strength to do something about it.

Poltergeist of the inner ear
denies notification
to avoid empty serotonin rush
we would have called it a river if we could see it
                                                                                                  but we can’t.

Contributor's Note
Joshua Morris is a gender-queer poet who writes a lot, some of it is good. They study English at the University of Waikato.