MAYHEM - Issue Four

> Download a long body of water

Brittany Rose

a long body of water

flooded from silver taps
girl submerged

four feet,
          twenty toes           
her glitter nails
clipped jagged
beneath the faucet

hair floats between her legs
ripples sit at her navel
steam rises
from her rosebud nipples.
when she releases the plug,
pulls the chain,
she feels water

against her thighs
whirl down the drain

Contributor's Note
Brittany Rose was an avid childhood reader. Her grandmother was a librarian, so she spent most of her childhood with fiction. Now, as an adult, she's the Editor of Nexus, University of Waikato's student magazine and very nearly an English teacher. Her pieces have been published in Mayhem Anthology and Poetry New Zealand.