MAYHEM - Issue Four

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Dadon Rowell


Heap on paint, chalk and dust
– bleach might work too
Fill every pothole then bury those ridges and hills.

Tar the filaments that are not black enough
Drag them skyward, twist them, seal them in place
Should they refuse, attach new ones instead.

Dip paintbrush in blood, smear it on thick
Construct a bow, tie it tight
- don’t let it slip.

Edit the last defects of Mother Nature,
Excavate cheekbones with hot coals
Brand and sear until those false roses have bloomed.

Now a pose and a pout, capture the effigy
And finally –
string it up for the crowd to see.

Contributor's Note
Dadon Rowell is a second-year student studying English, History and Linguistics. She is addicted to writing and will one day be making use of her authorial initials – D H Rowell.