MAYHEM - Issue Four

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Loren Thomas

Exploitations of ‘you’

You take the ring off
loop it once around your hair,
pull the strands taut,
cut the circulation,
feed the fish what’s left.

Under your nails
fungus rise
eating your flesh
like a $5 buffet.

You tear new rivets
into your thighs
with each pounce of a nerve
fresh off the daily pick.

Crack your bones
under five layers of stress.
You could make a blanket
from the excess.

You shift your gaze
like jump rope
at any sense of fault.
Puppy dog innocence
like the wrong lip colour.

adult child.
Meander through your
selfish mind.

Shatter your self
with toy hammers.

I only wish you
the best of your luck.

Contributor's Note
Loren Thomas is a University of Waikato student currently working towards completing her masters. She has previously been published in Mayhem and Poetry New Zealand.