The designer and maintainer of this site is Craig Hight. Much of the content and structure of this site are derived from research conducted towards the books Faking It: Mock-documentary and the subversion of factuality (2001, Jane Roscoe and Craig Hight, Manchester University Press, Manchester), and Television Mockumentary: reflexivity, satire and play in televisual space (2010, Craig Hight, Manchester University Press, Manchester).

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This site was initially developed during July - October 2001 to coincide with the initial publication of Faking It. An overhaul of the site was conducted in May 2003, reconstructing the site using frames. A detailed update of this site's content was completed in April 2009, in anticipation of the launch of Television Mockumentary. Incremental changes occur whenever the designer has time. (Details of any other major revisions will be listed here.)

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