Philosophy Lecturer Delivers Presentation at Collège de France

The Collège de France, a renowned research establishment in Paris, was the location of a conference at which Dr Catherine Legg from the Philosophy programme was privileged to present at last month.

"I was initially just going to be an attendee at the 'Pragmatism and Idealism: Exploring Connections in Ethics, Social Thought and Religion' workshop, however due to a last-minute speaker cancellation I was invited onto the programme," says Dr Legg.

Dr Legg, who is currently on sabbatical for six months based at the University of Sheffield, specialises in the subject area of pragmatism, which seeks to understand human knowledge through its practical consequences.

 "My paper Scientific Integrity: A Peircean Pragmatist Approach to the Ethics of Inquiry was relevant to the theme of the conference as I discussed ethical problems in scientific practice, and what should be done about them," she says.

"Presenting at the conference was tremendously exciting because the Collège de France is one of the most prestigious academies in France."

Founded in 1530, just across the road from the famous Sorbonne where Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre studied, the Collège de France consists of 52 Professors who are experts across all areas of knowledge. They don't offer teaching, but instead focus on research and delivering lectures which are free and open to everyone. They are renowned for having one of the best research libraries in Europe.

The conference was co-organised by Professor Claudine Tiercelin of the Collège de France and Professor Robert Stern of the University of Sheffield.