Scholarship takes student from Waikato to Japan

Liam Wright

01 March 2017

A dream of studying abroad in Japan has become a reality for Bachelor of Arts student Liam Wright who was recently awarded a Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia (PMSA).

“I decided when I first enrolled at Waikato that I wanted to spend a semester studying in Japan, so I looked into every available scholarship that would help me get there.”

Liam, who is studying Japanese and Mathematics, was ecstatic when he found out he had been selected for the PMSA. “It pays for nearly the entirety of my exchange so I'm able to make the most of my time there and not be overly concerned about my finances. The scholarship also carries a fair amount of prestige, so to be chosen was absolutely amazing.”

Based in Japan until May, Liam will have the opportunity to immerse himself into the Japanese culture. He is enrolled at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka and will complete their Asian Studies programme which involves taking Japanese language and cultural papers.

“The main purpose of me coming to Japan was to help with learning the language and culture, but I also wanted to explore the country and meet new people.

“Since arriving in January I have already been to Kyoto for a day and visited some shrines and temples including Kiyomizu – one of the places I wanted to visit most during my time here.”

Liam hopes this exchange experience will put him in good stead for his future career path. “After completing my BA I intend to do my Honours in Mathematics before participating in the JET programme, where I will get to teach English in Japan.”

The Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia is a scholarship programme funded by the New Zealand government and administered by Education New Zealand. The scholarship covers costs relating to study or research in Asia.

More information about the scholarship can be found here.

Photo Caption: Liam Wright, pictured here in Japan’s Nara Park feeding the shika deer, is currently on exchange at Kansai Gaidai University thanks to the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia.