Research + Expertise

  • Associate Professor Sam Charlton, Psychology
    Speed in the Spotlight: Traffic and Road Safety Research Group (TARS) is working with Auckland Transport to help come up with ways to reduce speeds in rural areas.

  • Associate Professor John Perrone, Psychology
    Looking into depth perception: John with his computer controlled camera used to test models of depth perception for his Marsden research project.

  • Dr Julie Barbour, Senior Lecturer, Linguistics
    Real or unreal?: Julie has been awarded a Marsden Grant to complete the world’s first large-scale comparative study of "mood systems" in the Vanuatu languages.

  • Dr Gareth Schott, Senior Lecturer, Screen and Media Studies (Photo: Waikato Times)
    Video Game Classification: Assessing the experience of play: Gareth Schott looks at video game players and their experiences. Dr Gareth Schott, Senior Lecturer, Screen and Media Studies (Photo: Waikato Times)

  • Hannah Gilmour and Assoc Prof Ian Whalley, Music
    Let the Music Play: Playing live in Hamilton, linking with musicians in Singapore and China to open this year’s Asian Telemusic Concert at the Musicacoustica festival in Beijing.

  • Dr Nicola Starkey (in picture) and Rosalind Case, Psychology
    The invisible epidemic: A series of studies will find out more about brain injury and impact it can have on people’s lifelong health and social interactions.

Research Overview

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a rich and diverse research portfolio that is recognised both nationally and internationally. Subjects in which the University is ranked highly in and the faculty is represented by include Music, Literary Arts and Other Arts, Communication and Media Studies, Psychology, Theatre, Film, Television & Multimedia, Anthropology, English and Human Geography. Our staff are actively engaged in research with many of them involved in international research collaborations. The faculty’s research is supported by the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis and a number of research centres.

We encourage prospective research students to explore the range of options there are within the faculty and direct enquiries for further study through the School of Graduate Research. We also welcome enquiries from potential research partners and invite international academic colleagues to collaborate with us.

Events that cater for researchers, such as workshops, conferences and public lectures are regularly held at the Faculty. To find an expert in a particular area, visit the University’s Experts’ Files.

Research News

The importance of sleep for young minds

Watching your baby sleep peacefully is one of the joys of becoming a parent. But have you ever wondered what is happening in this little sleepy head’s mind?

Introducing the new app for pregnant women

A team from the School of Psychology has been working for the last three years to develop ‘Positively Pregnant’ – an app for pregnant women.

Social perception in mild cognitive impairment

PhD student Sandhya Fernandez is conducting research that looks at people with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and how they communicate.

Research exposes restriction of healthcare investment in West Africa

A recent study, led by Dr Thomas Stubbs, shows budget reduction targets and public sector caps, insisted on by the IMF as loan conditions, result in reduced health spending and medical ‘brain drain’ in developing West African nations.