History Podcasts

Dr James Beattie, University of Waikato (4-6-15)
China on a Plate: A Willow Pattern Garden Realised
Keywords: garden history, Chinese history, Chinoiserie

Dr Ryan Tucker Jones, University of Auckland (11-6-15)
Liquid Socialism: Soviet Whalers and the Ecology of the Kollectiv
Keywords: environmental history, whales, Soviet history

Dr Jemma Field, University of Auckland (25-6-15)
Art, History, and Culture: The World of Tudor and Stuart England, 1500 - 1649
Keywords: material culture, art history, Tudor/Stuart England

Professor Harriet Ritvo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (2-7-15)
Wanting the Wild: People, Animals and Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century
Keywords: human-animal history, environmental history, Romanticism

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