Making the Transformational Moment in Film

Dan Fleming

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This book is an exploration of the transformational process that turns film's raw material into moving experiences. It takes key moments in films as examples of this process and examines how the moment is staged, how visual composition is used, how narrative is structured, how colour, light and music are handled, and how to get inside what it is like to be a fictional character that we care about.

In 240 densely illustrated pages with "widescreen" format, "Making" demonstrates that the best theoretical ideas have the power to revitalize our most practical understandings of what film-making is. With in-depth analysis of films from director Vincent Ward and others (including Werner Herzog and Phillip Noyce), the book explores filmic affect and the puzzle of the creative process. New Zealand born international director Vincent Ward has been described by critic Roger Ebert as "one of film's great image-makers."

The book looks into the deep sources of this ability, and by doing so provides new insights into the nature of creativity in film. Selected by the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation for its exhibition of the year’s best photography and moving image books held at London’s Somerset House, 2012. Chinese translation published by PHEI, Beijing, and launched at the 19th Beijing International Book Fair, 2012.

Wiese, Michael Productions (Oct, 2011)

ISBN: 1615930604

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