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July 2010 Archives


World Cosplay (= costume + play) Summit 2010 will be held in Nagoya soon.
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It is “Doyo no ushi no hi” today.
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Summer Wars – this is the title of a Japanese anime film.
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また今週[こんしゅう]の木曜日[もくようび]に日本[にほん]映画[えいが]の上映[じょうえい]があります。ただ(= free admission)です! 誰[だれ]でも来[く]ることができます! 是非[ぜひ][き]てください。

Date: Thursday 22 July 2010
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: L3
Contact: or 838-4042
Admission Free!
No booking required!
English sub-titles!
"What the Snow Brings"(『雪に願うこと』)
112 min.
Director: Kichitaro Negishi
Cast: Yusuke Iseya, Koichi Sato, Kyoko Koizumi
2005 Tokyo International Film Festival
-The Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix
-Best Director, Best Actor, Audience Award
Manabu has lost his high class lifestyle and family in Tokyo and decides to go back to his hometown in Hokkaido. There he lives with his brother Takeo who works in a stable for a traditional horse race (bannei) Initially they don’t get along as they have lived such different lived for so long, but gradually the two men develop an understanding for each other.
Film presented by the Consulate-General of Japan, The University of Waikato, The Japan Cultural Centre, Sydney (The Japan Foundation).
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蚊取り線香 by kamoda.jpg(c) kamoda

[] (= mosquito)取[]り線香[せんこう]って、知[]っていますか。
Have you ever seen Japanese mosquito coil?
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[みせ]でレタスを育[そだ]てて(= to grow)サンドイッチを作[つく]るサブウェイが東京[とうきょう]にできたそうです。

A vege factory was set up in one of Subway restaurants in Tokyo this month.
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オムライス by nakayarie.jpg(c) nakayarie



Yahoo Japan のホームページで、オムライス・レストランのニュースを読みました。

I read a report appeared on YAHOO! Japan about a restaurant of OMURAISU (= omelette + rice).
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I read an article reporting a TV commercial of Nissin Cup noodle in Japan.
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七夕 by buck82.jpg(c) buck82

今日[きょう]は七夕[たなばた]です。この日[]には、紙[かみ]に願[ねが](= wish)を書[]いて笹[ささ] (= bamboo tree)に飾[かざ]ります(= to decorate)。上[うえ]の写真[しゃしん]がそうです。


今日[きょう]はちょっと忙[いそが]しくていろいろ説明[せつめい] (= explanation)を書[]く時間[じかん]がありません! スミマセン! 七夕[たなばた]に興味[きょうみ]がある人[ひと]は、自分[じぶん]でインターネット検索[けんさく] (= search)をして調[しら]べてみてください!


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世界中[せかいじゅう]で不景気[ふけいき] (= recession)ですが、そうでない会社[かいしゃ]もあるようです。

Everybody everywhere seems to suffer from the recession, but this company might be an exception.
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I am Japanese but realised today that there were still many Japanese food I had never even heard of…
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