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November 2016 Archives

The Japanes Film Festival 2016 will kick off in Auckland, New Zealand, tomorrow! All films will be shown from 6.30pm at Fisher & Paykel Appliances Auditorium, Owen G Glenn Building, University of Auckland.

Here is the list of films:

Mon 28 Nov: Key of Life (鍵泥棒のメソッド)

Tue 29 Nov: Nakamura Kanzaburo The Movie (映画 中村勘三郎)

Wed 30 Nov: Twilight: Saya in Sasara (トワイライトささらさや)

Thur 1 Dec: Seven Weeks (野のなななのか)

Free Admission! English subtitles! No Booking required! ALL WELCOME!!! Please access to this link for more details.

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日本では、ほとんどの学校で給食[きゅうしょく](= school dinner)があります。親がお金を払[はら]いますが、政府[せいふ]からお金[かね]の補助[ほじょ](= subsidies)があります。

昨日[きのう]の新聞[しんぶん]で、ある学校では、2日だけですけど給食をやめる、というニュースを読みました。今、日本では野菜[やさい]の値段[ねだん](= price)がとても高く、予算[よさん][ない](= within the budget)でいい給食を作るのがとても難[むずか]しいからです。親にとっては大変かもしれませんが、多くの親はこの決定[けってい](= decision)を理解[りかい]している(= understanding)ようです。

大変[たいへん]です(= challenging; tough)が、学校がいい給食を食べさせようとしているからなので、いいことだと思います。

In Japan almost all schools provide kids with school dinner; parents have to pay for this, but they are subsidised by the local authority.

I just read news reporting that some schools would stop providing school dinner to save money, just for two day though. Apparently vegetables' price in Japan is exceptionally high at the moment and it is extremely difficult for schools to provide good quality meals within their budget. Although this is not necessarily easy for some parents (because they have to prepare packed lunch for kids), many parents seem to understand the decision.

I think this is a good decision as it shows schools care the quality of the meal for kids!



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