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February 2017 Archives

面白[おもしろ]いことに、ニュージーランドではひよこ豆[まめ](= chickpeas)を使[つか]ったみそを買[か]うことができます。食べてみたいですか~?

Interestingly, we now can buy chickpea miso in New Zealand! Wouldn't you like to taste it!?

Miso 2.jpg


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ニュージーランドの和食[わしょく]事情[じしょう](= situation)も昔[むかし](= the past)に比[くら]べると(= to compare)、かわりましたね~。

Tadaaa, now you can buy miso made in New Zealand! It is amazing, how much the Washoku (= Japanese cuisine) situation in New Zealand has changed...

Miso 1.jpg

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Today's New Zealand Herald features a trip to Tokyo! Tokyo is an exciting city!!

NZ Herald 21Feb2017 1.jpg

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日本[にほん]料理[りょうり]と言えばすし-多くの人はそう考えるでしょう。でも今や、日本の食材[しょくざい](= ingredients)はいろいろな新[あたら]しい料理に使[つか]われています。

Many people would think Japanese food equals sushi. But now so many Japanese ingredients are used in all sorts of imaginative ways!

Soba Noodles with aubergine and mango.jpg

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