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March 2017 Archives

[まえ]、ハミルトンのすし屋[や]について書[か]きました。その時[とき]言ったように、またそのすし屋に行きました! お昼[ひる]ごはん時に行きましたが、多[おお]くの人が次[つぎ]から次[つぎ]へと(= one after another)来ました。いまや、すしはニュージーランド人にとって確固[かっこ]とした(= well-established)お昼[ひる]ご飯[はん]の選択肢[せんたくし](= choice; option)の1つと言っていいでしょう。

そのすし屋では、ニュージーランドのすし屋でお決まりの(= usual)サーモンだけでなく、うなぎ(= eel)やまぐろ(= tuna)のすしもありました。嬉[うれ]しかったです!

I wrote about a sushi shop in Hamilton some time ago. As I said then, I visited the place again! I went there for lunch and quite a few people kept coming in. I think we can confidentely say that sushi has now secured a good position for Kiwi's lunch choices.

I was glad to see that there were not just salmon sushi*, but also eel sushi and tuna sushi there! (* most of the takeaway sushi shops in New Zealand have salmon for their fish choice, but often that's about it...)

Sushi at Donburiya in Mar 2017 2.jpg


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下の写真[しゃしん]は、栃木県[とちぎけん](= Tochigi Prefecture)にあるとても有名な神社[じんじゃ](= Shinto Shrine)です。この神社はニュージーランドに関係[かんけい](= relation; connection)があります。知っていますか。

The following photo shows a very famous shrine located in Toshigi Prefecture. This place has something related to New Zealand. Do you know what it is?


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日本の食べ物と言えば、最近[さいきん](= recent)まで、すし、天[てん]ぷらでした。でも! 今日のワイカト・タイムズを見てください。お好[この]み焼[や]きのレシピです。時代[じだい](= time; era)も変[か]わりました。。。

We all thought just sushi and tempra when it came to Japanese food till recently... Now look at today's Waikato Times! The recipe of Okonomiyaki is there! Times have changed, indeed...

Okonomiyaki recipe in Waikato Times on 22Mar2017 2.jpg

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We will show two films this month. The first one will be shown on Tuesday and the following one will be shown on Thursday this week. Please come along!

Date: Thursday 16 March 2017
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Location: L3

Admission Free! No booking required! English subtitles!


"Ruroni Kenshin - The Legend Ends -"