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August 2017 Archives

DSC04883 Aug 2017.JPG

ニュージーランドでは、9月1日から春[はる]が始[はじ]まると考[かんが]えられています(= to be thought)。8月も今日で終わり、まさに、春遠[とお]からじ(= not so far)です。


People in New Zealand think spring starts on the 1st of September. August is almost over and yes, indeed, spring is just around the corner...

I took the above photo this mroning; this is a prum tree.

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イシグロカズオさんの本を読んだことがありますか。 Have you read Kazuo Ishiguro's novels?

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We, people in New Zealand, can watch all sorts of films produced by Studio Ghibli on the big screen NOW!

From today till September 20, all sorts of cinemas across the country will show various Studio Ghibli's films. If you are interested, please check the following website: . Isn't it exciting!

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写真[しゃしん]の中の緑[みどり][いろ]のジュース、わかりますか。 Can you see that green juice in the photo?


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先週のウエリントンです。It's Wellington last week...


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今朝[けさ]のハミルトンです。It's Hamilton this morning.


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先日、うつ病[びょう](= depression)についての興味[きょうみ][ぶか]い(= interesting)異文化間[いぶんかかん](= cross cultural)研究[けんきゅう](= study)について読みました。

I read an interesting article reporting a cross cultural study about depression.

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この魚なんですが、、、 This fish is...

ぼら Mullet.JPG

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We will show another Japanese film this Thursday. Please come along!

FREE Japanese film showing in August 2017

Date: Thursday 10 August 2017
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: L3

Free Admission No booking required! English Subtitles!

'The Boy and the Beast'