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春!3 Spring!3


今朝[けさ](= this morning)の写真[しゃしん]です。キャンパスの桜[さくら](= cherry)が満開[まんかい](= full bloom)です。日本は、この週末[しゅうまつ]、とても大きな台風[たいふう](= typhoon)が来ました。いろいろなところに被害[ひがい](= damage)が出たそうです。一日も早く、みなさんがふつうの生活[せいかつ]に戻[もど]れますように。

The photo was taken this morning. The cherries on our campus have come into full bloom now. By the way, Japan experienced a huge typhoon this weekend and it has caused all sorts of damage. We hope people will get back to their normal life soon.

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