Scholarships and Funding

Calculating the means by which you will finance your graduate study is one of the most important steps when planning your graduate or postgraduate study. It's crucial that you determine how much studying will cost you, taking into account compulsory tuition fees, books, other study-related expenditure, and your daily living costs like rent and food, and that you ascertain how you will meet these expenses. If you are not financing your study personally, you may qualify for a student loan, living costs, or student allowance from Studylink. We strongly recommend that you review the eligibility criteria for any scholarships both external and internal, including the FASS-funded scholarships below. FASS is also able to provide some funding for graduate research-related expenses and conference attendance.

FASS Awards

Awards are based on academic merit and are offered twice a year (in A and B semesters). The closing dates for applications are 31 March for A Semester Awards and 31 July for B Semester Awards, annually.

Masters Thesis Awards

The FASS Masters Thesis Awards are offered twice a year (in A and B semesters) to support and encourage students conducting research at Masters level to achieve at a high level. They are for students enrolling part- or full-time in a 90- or 120-point Masters thesis (or equivalent) in A Semester in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Awards will have a value of up to $3,000. The Award may be held in conjunction with other scholarships or awards; however, recipients of a University of Waikato Masters Research Scholarship, Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship or any other scholarships or awards which have a combined value equal to or higher than $6,000 will only be eligible to receive 50% of the FASS Masters Thesis Award value.

Honours & Postgraduate Diploma Awards

The FASS Honours / Postgraduate Diploma Awards are for students enrolling part- or full-time in one of the following FASS programmes of study: first year of 500-level study in an Honours degree or PGDip; fourth year of the BSW or BEP and enrolled in 400-level papers; first year of taught papers in a 240-point Masters degree; or the first 60 - 120 points of taught papers in a 180-point Masters degree. The Awards will have a value of up to $1,500.

Congratulations to our 2015 B Semester Recipients

Honours & Postgraduate Diploma Awards

Matthew Read, PGDip, Environmental Planning
Jessie Brockelsby, PGDip, Psychology
Blaire White, BMus(Hons), Music, Performance Voice
Tokiko Taylor, MAppPsy, Behaviour Analysis
Wing Yew Cheong, PGDip, Organisational Psychology
Jessica Fredriksen, PGDip, Psychology
Madeleine Stapleton, BSocSc(Hons) Psychology
Hayley Butterworth, BSocSc(Hons) Psychology
Stephanie Howser, BSocSc(Hons) Anthropology
Heather Perry, BA (Hons), Psychology
Loren Thomas, BA (Hons), English
Braden Bryant, MA, Linguistics, French
Helen Heta, PGDip, Clinical Psychology
Jingyue Li, MMCT, Screen and Media Studies
Jing Gao, MMCT, Creative Technologies
Craig Gilliver, BMCT (Hons), Creative Technologies

Masters Awards
Jennifer Wan, MAppPsy, Applied Behaviour Analysis
Melody Wilkinson, MA, English
Jean Schwartz, MA, Applied Linguistics
Melissa Janson, MAppPsy, Applied Behaviour Analysis
Nasalifya Namwinga, MAppPsy, Community Psychology
Anna Hill, MSocSc, Psychology
Arianna Waller, MSocSc, Sociology
Julianna Brown, MAppPsy, Community Psychology
Angus Elkington, MSocSc, Psychology
Steph Bremner, MSocSc, Psychology
Satvir Singh, MSocSc, Psychology

Funding for Postgraduate Student Research

Students undertaking research as part of their postgraduate study may be eligible to apply for payment or reimbursement of some of the costs of research and conference attendance. Details, including eligibility, what can be claimed and maximum levels of funding are determined by Faculty policy, which is outlined below, in the relevant forms and the Faculty Graduate Handbook.

Assistance is provided for research students enrolled in MPhil/PhD, DMA and directed studies, dissertations and theses (including MUSI522, MUSI528, MUSI514 and MUSI524).

Please download and read the FUNDING FOR POSTGRADUATE RESEARCH document which provides information about eligibility criteria and how to apply.