Philosophy Papers

Philosophy papers can be studied to an advanced level within a variety of Arts and Social Sciences undergraduate and graduate qualifications, they can also be taken purely for interest, and towards other University qualifications. For information about available qualifications please see the Undergraduate Study and Graduate Study sections.

Students must gain at least 60 points at 100 level in any subject(s) before enrolling in Philosophy papers above 100 level, and at least 90 points at 100 and 200 level before enrolling in Philosophy papers above 200 level. Before proceeding to 300 level Philosophy papers, students are normally expected to have passed a minimum of four papers in Philosophy, at least two of which are at 200 level. Students with appropriate professional experience or academic background who do not meet this requirement may be admitted to PHIL305, PHIL316, PHIL317 and PHIL390.

100 Level

PHIL102 - Introduction to Logic
PHIL103 - Critical Reasoning
PHIL106 - Social and Moral Philosophy
PHIL150 - The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy

200 Level

FASS296 - Work Placement
PHIL202 - Intermediate Logic
PHIL204 - Language and Communication
PHIL208 - Understanding Science: How and Why it Works
PHIL210 - Minds and Machines
PHIL215 - Moral and Political Philosophy: A Historical Introduction
PHIL217 - Environmental Ethics
PHIL218 - Ethics at Work
PHIL222 - Possible Worlds
PHIL250 - Knowledge and Reality
POLS201 - Major Political Thinkers

300 Level

FASS396 - Work Placement
HIST338 - An Age of Reason? The European Enlightenment
PCSS302 - Maori Knowledge and Western Impacts in Education
PHIL305 - Philosophy of Religion
PHIL309 - Ethical Theory
PHIL315 - Democracy, Justice and Equality
PHIL316 - Philosophy and the Arts
PHIL350 - Recent Analytical Philosophy
PHIL390 - Directed Study
POLS327 - Political Ideas

500 Level

COMP543 - Information Management
HIST516 - Historical Theories and Methods
PHIL533 - Moral and Political Philosophy
PHIL534 - The Philosophy of Language
PHIL536 - The Philosophy of Mind
PHIL541 - Chosen Philosopher: Wittgenstein
PHIL545 - Aesthetics
PHIL552 - Epistemology and Metaphysics
PHIL560 - Special Topic: Virtue Ethics
PHIL588 - Foundations of Philosophical Research
PHIL589 - Directed Study
PHIL591 - Dissertation
PHIL592 - DIssertation
PHIL593 - Philosophy Thesis
PHIL594 - Philosophy Thesis

800 Level

PHIL800 - Philosophy MPhil Thesis

900 Level

PHIL900 - Philosophy PhD Thesis