General Information


Some papers build upon the knowledge gained in previous papers. For this reason it is necessary to take the earlier papers. These pre-condition papers must be taken prior to enrolling in other papers.


Pairs or groups of papers that must be taken at the same time.

Corresponding Papers

A paper that is equivalent or contains a significant amount of common content as another paper. Only one of these papers should be taken, as you will receive credit for one paper only.

Credit Points

Each paper is allocated points. The value reflects the workload linked with that paper.

120 points = 1 EFT. This means that 120 points is equivalent to one year of full-time study.

Undergraduate Qualifications

Normally the first degree for a student is an undergraduate degree. Students take papers starting at Level 1.

Graduate Qualifications

Students who have successfully completed an undergraduate qualification may be eligible to undertake a graduate qualification. The School offers a number of graduate qualifications such as the Master of Arts and Master of Māori and Pacific Development.


There are two ways to enrol:

Apply on-line at

Complete an Application to Enrol form and return to the university. Application forms are available online or from the Student Centre, L2 of the Library.

Change of Enrolment

Once enrolled, you may change your programme of study (with the approval of your lecturers and/or School/Faculty). Change of Enrolment must be submitted through iWaikato. You must complete your change of enrolment within the timeframe or a late penalty fee may apply.

Applying for Credit for previous study

You can apply for credit for previous study completed at another tertiary institution and count that credit towards a University of Waikato programme. Any credit awarded is dependent on the type of qualification studied and the level, content and number of papers passed. When indicating that you wish to credit some papers towards your Waikato qualification, you will need to provide your academic record. Please contact the Credit Office on 838 4466 ext. 7750 or email

StudyLink Liaison

The University of Waikato employs a Liaison Officer who can assist with enquiries about Student Loan and Student Allowance applications, and the verification of study details to StudyLink. Please contact the StudyLink Liaison Officer on +64 7 838 4790 or email

Class Rep Information

A class reps role is to represent the interest of the class to the lecturer and the department. Class reps have a very important part to play in making communication possible between their class and academic staff and promoting constructive change.

Class rep training is compulsory for first time class reps. More information to follow.

Students with a disability

The University is firmly committed to providing equity in education and welcomes students with disabilities into all areas of campus life. The University also has a commitment to increasing access for people with disabilities. Staff of the Disability Support Service and other University staff are here to assist all students with disabilities, impairments, injuries or chronic illnesses who are studying at the University, and will ensure students' learning requirements are being met. It is your responsibility as a student to contact one of the Disability Support Staff as early as possible so that appropriate assistance and strategies can be put in place. You can contact the Disability Support Service on (07) 838 4719, visit their website or email

If you are a disabled student studying at the Tauranga campus, you will need to contact the Disability Support Service staff at the Hamilton campus to organise any services you may require. You can also contact the Manager of the University of Waikato at Tauranga who is based at the Bongard Centre.

Telephone + 64 7 577 0620.

Computer Facilities

The School has a number of computers available for use in a computer laboratory which is a shared facility with the Law Faculty. The lab is located at the Law Faculty, Room G79 and is available to all SMPD and Law students. The lab is available during working hours, 9am - 5pm unless it is booked for tutorials. Students may gain access outside these times by acquiring an after-hours access card. For further information please contact the School by email, or phone the School Office on (07) 838 4737.


The University has several Halls of Residence on campus open to all students. To obtain further information on all aspects of accommodation, contact the Accommodation and Conference Service Offices on (07) 838 4321 or visit the website Halls of Residence.