Donate through Payroll Giving

Donate to the University of Waikato and receive an immediate tax credit

Payroll Giving allows you to donate directly from your pay and receive 33.33% tax back immediately. It is a voluntary scheme for both employers and employees. Payroll Giving is efficient, simple and rewarding for all involved.  The main benefit is the immediate tax rebate, ending the need to make an annual claim on those charitable donations. On a donation of $20 per salary your immediate tax rebate is $6.67 - thanks IRD!

The donation will be forwarded to the University of Waikato Foundation by your employer, along with details of where you would like the funds to be spent.

To utilise Payroll Giving your employer must electronically file their employer monthly schedule and deduction form. Should you wish to participate, speak with your payroll or Human Resources department to find out more and, where necessary, ask them to join the scheme. Payroll Giving is generally used for making regular donations, however depending on your employer one off gifts may be a possibility.  The easiest way to make a stand alone gift is via our secure online donation form.

Are you a business owner or are you responsible for payroll in your organisation? The IRD website will provide the information needed to set up Payroll Giving and identify the University of Waikato Foundation as a beneficiary.

For more information please contact us on or 07 838 4446.