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Scholarships can make all the difference in easing the financial burden of obtaining a degree. The University of Waikato awards about $6 million in scholarships each year, making it one of the most generous programmes in a New Zealand university. 

Scholarships celebrate the distinctiveness, excellence and potential of our students. For example, the Manukura Scholarships for Māori graduate students links academic study with service and research to benefit Māori development at both the iwi and national level. The characteristic spirit of our Hillary Scholars is that they are leaders, original thinkers, inspiring, connected, disciplined and aspirational. 

Private investment in scholarships enables us to maintain and grow support for students, as well as redirect some of the University's resources to our other strategic funding priorities. Scholarships can remove entry barriers to a university education, celebrate excellence or advance research in a specific field.

Corporate scholarships aligned with a company's core business are fully tax deductible.

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Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarships

Sir Edmund Hillary

Established in 2005, the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme educates future leaders at the University of Waikato within the values of New Zealand's greatest adventurer. Hillary Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence, exhibit leadership qualities and excel in sport or performing arts.