International Strategy

Implement a comprehensive programme of internationalisation

To deliver on this action we will:

  • Seek opportunities to establish new and grow existing agreements with strategic international partners to maximise our potential for research collaboration and joint educational programmes
  • Promote our international profile by contributing to issues of global importance and celebrating our teaching and research programmes
  • Attract top quality students from a broader and global market through strategic student recruitment
  • Increase our focus and prioritise our connections with China and ASEAN countries
  • Embed an international perspective in all academic curricula, promote cross-cultural competence and create a multi-cultural campus environment
  • Offer excellent support to all students, including international students
  • Actively engage with our international alumni as global ambassadors.


While our roots remain deep in the heart of the Central North Island and the peoples who live here, we recognise that a comprehensive programme of internationalisation is essential to a university’s relevance in the 21st century. Global reach is interdependent with forming connections, pursuing agreements and fostering significant relationships with strategically selected international partners who share our understanding of the importance and value of joint research degree programmes for postgraduate students.

We will weave a programme of internationalisation through all of our activities to prepare our graduates for future-focussed, international careers. This includes embedding an international perspective in teaching programmes, promoting cross-cultural competence, and creating a multi-cultural campus environment. As indicated in Action 1 (of the University of Waikato: Strategy 2014 – 2017 document) we will also pursue opportunities for our students to study overseas through our strategic partnerships with other tertiary institutions.

We will develop an increasing number of dual degrees and transfer programmes, specifically in the China, South East Asian and European regions. We will continue to prioritise and strengthen links with Asia and China through our strategic regional approach to partnership activities and the recruitment of international students from South East Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Americas and Europe.

We will use multilingual means to promote the University and our public-facing documents will reflect our world leading achievements. Strategic research collaborations, staff exchanges and the international visitors programme will be strengthened to enhance our research, relevance, teaching and the student experience.

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