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2017 A Semester tutorial sign up

As off end of business on Friday 10 March, you will no longer be able to change your tutorials online. If your circumstances change and you need to change the tutorial time please fill in the Change of Tutorial Form providing all relevant details.

Please note that tutorial times are filled on first come first served basis and it is not always possible to accommodate all students.

Law News & Events

Student Event: Dame Silvia Cartwright 24 May 2017

International criminal trials have developed their own procedures to manage crimes that encompass vast numbers of potential victims and powerful accused.

Public Lecture: Dame Silvia Cartwright 24 May 2017

The civil law system places more emphasis on the role of the victim in the criminal trial than the common law system.

Public Lecture by Justice Christian Whata 26 Apr 2017

"The I, the Kua and the Ka of biculturalism and the law" The Honourable Justice Christian Whata will be on campus in late April

CEREL Student Event: Career Pathways in Environmental and Resources Law 5 Apr 2017

A panel presentation will present interesting insights into career paths in the environmental and resources areas that law opens up.

Success Stories

Joshua Nyika, Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Joshua Nyika: I have two passions in life – law and boxing. Law interests me because it reflects the will of society (unlike the laws of physics, and biology). Law is designed by people to serve people. I also think a law degree is very versatile.

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