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From the archive: Krinock Lecture 2016: US Ambassador to New Zealand Mark Gilbert

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Norris Ward McKinnon Postgraduate Scholarship 29 Nov 2017
Te Piringa – Faculty of Law is delighted to announce Juliet Chevalier-Watts and Dee Holmes as recipients of the 2017 Norris Ward McKinnon Postgraduate Scholarship.

Shangdong University of Technology Visit 23 Nov 2017
A group of eleven students and two teaching staff from Shangdong University of Technology (SDUT) visited the University of Waikato last week for an intensive course in Common Law.

War with North Korea? 12 Oct 2017
Professor Alexander Gillespie is seeking to help broaden the understanding of the general public with regards to the threat that North Korea presents to both the region and the global community, including New Zealand.

The Future of the Adversarial Process 5 Oct 2017
This lecture will explore the pros and cons of the adversarial process, as encountered by three of its Judges.

Norris Ward McKinnon lecture 5 Oct 2017
Exploring the pros and cons of the adversarial process with real life examples from the panel of prominent judges, the annual Norris Ward McKinnon lecture has proven to be a huge success.

CEREL Public Event: Reinventing Paradise 13 Sep 2017
The Resource Management Act was a great breakthrough 26 years ago. It gave us a legal and regulatory framework for attempting to balance economic development against our impact on the environment.

CEREL Student Event: Power of the Paris Agreement 13 Sep 2017
The accord is a hopeful start to addressing climate change. But it is far more than simply a mechanism for cutting carbon.

Working with Lawyers in Environmental Management 30 Aug 2017
Two senior Hamilton City Council figures are our guests to explain how they use legal services and how their lawyers contribute in strategy and on particular matters.

NZLSA Conference Week 23 Aug 2017
New Zealand’s best and brightest law students will descend on the University of Waikato.

Public Presentation: From principle to practice 9 Aug 2017
Murdoch Stephens will speak to two of his recent and forthcoming publications on refugees, resettlement and campaigning.

Discussion with Prof Stephen Smith: Private Law Remedies 8 Aug 2017
This presentation will discuss the existence of and provide the intellectual foundations for, a body of law that has been largely unacknowledged, ignored, or misunderstood in the western legal tradition.

Public Lecture: The Deed, Not the Motive 7 Aug 2017
Public Lecture by The New Zealand Law Foundation’s 2017 Distinguished Visiting Fellow - Professor Stephen Smith.

Public Lecture: How Settler Constitutions Can Seek to Affect/Regulate Indigenous Identity 27 Jul 2017
Public Lecture by Professor Bradford W. Morse Thompson Dean of law at Rivers University and previous Dean of law at Te Piringa - Faculty of Law, University of Waikato.

Waikato University Law student attended world heritage committee session in Poland 24 Jul 2017
University of Waikato Law student Shaymaa Arif is no stranger to tackling some big global issues. In 2015 she was nominated for the Woman of Influence Award for her strong community involvement.

Is negligence law based on a lie? And what about ACC? 18 Jul 2017
The trail of the snail: Reflections on negligence law

Huakina – ‘The Fabric of NZ society' 28 Jun 2017
This symposium celebrates the 30th year anniversary of this landmark finding.

Public Presentation: Contested Grounds of Property 12 Jun 2017
Public Presentation by Professor Cheryl Harris from UCLA School of Law.

Professor Harris from UCLA school of Law 12 Jun 2017
Te Piringa - Faculty of Law was honored to co-host UCLA Law School Professor and renowned Critical Race Theory scholar Cheryl Harris with the Faculty of Maori and Indigenous Studies (FMIS) for two events on Monday, 12 June 2017.

LAWS441 - Indigenous Rights 1 Jun 2017
Indigenous Rights in the Common Law World will examine why Indigenous rights have emerged as a global issue.

LAWS456 - Animal Rights 1 Jun 2017
While you have already studied a lot of the law governing how humans may interact with each other, this course explores the law that applies to how humans interact with all the other animal species living in New Zealand.

Public Lecture: Dame Silvia Cartwright 24 May 2017
The civil law system places more emphasis on the role of the victim in the criminal trial than the common law system.

Student Event: Dame Silvia Cartwright 24 May 2017
International criminal trials have developed their own procedures to manage crimes that encompass vast numbers of potential victims and powerful accused.

Electric vehicles return to the University of Waikato 4 May 2017
Electric Vehicles are returning to the University on Thursday 4 May 2017 as part of the #LeadingtheCharge Road Trip from Bluff to Cape Reinga.

Public Lecture by Justice Christian Whata 26 Apr 2017
"The I, the Kua and the Ka of biculturalism and the law" The Honourable Justice Christian Whata will be on campus in late April.

CEREL Student Event: Career Pathways in Environmental and Resources Law 5 Apr 2017
A panel presentation will present interesting insights into career paths in the environmental and resources areas that law opens up.

2017 Scholarships for Energy and Natural Resources Law Studies 26 Mar 2017
Even though next year may seem a long way off to make plans for, here’s a superb opportunity for support for graduate study. Waikato students have preferential rights to apply for this scholarship.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer 20 Mar 2017
Sir Geoffrey Palmer will present his thoughts of the question “should the rules by which public power is exercised all be written down in one place, so New Zealanders can find and understand them?”

NZ's refugee quota policies falling short 12 Dec 2016
New Zealand’s refugee quota policies are falling short, according to a Waikato University masters student.

Waikato wins national Māori Moot, again 7 Dec 2016
For the fifth year in a row, a Waikato University law student has won the national Kaupapa Māori Moot competition.

Academic strives to close justice gap 26 Oct 2016
A Waikato University law academic’s proposal to establish an online court and further increase the monetary threshold of disputes tribunals could enable more Kiwis who are unable to afford legal representation to secure access to justice.

Ten law students off to Asia 15 Oct 2016
Ten University of Waikato law students have won more than $100,000 in Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia (PMSA) to study in Vietnam.

Legal community wrestles with diversity 10 Oct 2016
New Zealand still has a lot to do to achieve gender, ethnicity and cultural diversity representation in the legal profession, according to New Zealand Law Society executive director Christine Grice.

Charities Services of the Department of Internal Affairs on campus 5 Oct 2016
Experts from the Department of Internal Affairs – Charities Services on charitable purpose took to the road on the 4 October to deliver a lecture at Waikato University.

Tightening New Zealand gun laws 29 Sep 2016
University of Waikato Law Professor Al Gillespie has been advising MPs on the need for stricter gun laws in New Zealand.

Has our criminal justice system been compromised? 12 Sep 2016
Long-serving judge Sir Ron Young says the right to a fair trial in New Zealand is being undermined in a variety of ways.

Faculty welcomes new academic Sean Goltz 1 Sep 2016
Sean Goltz will be teaching accross the core Bachelor of Laws curriculum and specialist Cyber and New Technology papers.

Al talks to MPs about gun laws in New Zealand 26 Aug 2016
Prof Gillespie visits Parliament in Wellington to talk to a select committee about gun laws and gun control in New Zealand.

Harkness Henry Lecture to be delivered by Sir Ron Young 23 Aug 2016
The Honourable Sir Ron Young will address serious issues facing New Zealand’s justice system when he delivers a public lecture at the University of Waikato.

International legal scholar visits Waikato University 16 Aug 2016
At his public lecture titled 'Conscience in Equity – a new Utopia', Professor Graham Virgo argued that equitable jurisdiction is founded on conscience.

Winners of the Kaupapa Māori Moot Competition 2016 15 Aug 2016
Six outstanding Māori law students were finalists in the competition held last week in the moot court of the new law building.

Professor Barry Barton flies to Nigeria 5 Aug 2016
Waikato Law Professor Barry Barton talks to senior government representatives and energy industry players about new, fairer ways for profit distribution.

Law student heads to Vietnam 31 Jul 2016
University of Waikato law student and talented rugby player, Mungo Mason has just arrived in Hanoi for a five-day leadership symposium on social change.

Waikato law students win Australian competition 12 Jul 2016
Two Waikato law students secure victory over the University of Canterbury, winning the Australian national negotiation competition.

From Waikato to Cambodia, and the UN 11 Jul 2016
Jolene Skeen started university when she was 16 years old. Now she’s off to Cambodia with a Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia (PMSA).

Top law man joining Waikato 1 Jul 2016
Former Senior Court of Appeal judge, Sir Grant Hammond is joining the law Faculty as a Professor of Judicial Studies.

Law students' accomplishments recognised 29 Jun 2016
Fourteen Prizes were awarded to students who excelled in their studies in 2015 at Te Piringa - Faculty of Law's annual Dean’s Prize-giving Ceremony.

'Western hostages worth up to $1m to criminals in Nigeria' 23 Jun 2016
Waikato Professor of International Law, Al Gillespie speaks to the NZ Herald after a Kiwi was kidnapped at gunpoint in Nigeria last week.

New Faculty Chairperson 1 Jun 2016
The Director of Clinical Legal Education, Ms Cheryl Green has been appointed Chairperson of Te Piringa - Faculty of Law.

Waikato University's Law Faculty celebrates staff research awards 26 May 2016
Two outstanding law researchers, Ms Juliet Chevalier-Watts and Dr Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez were recognised and celebrated at a staff event.

Winners of the Russell McVeagh Client Interviewing Competition 2016 1 May 2016
Competition winners Emma Speakman and Talia Powell will now represent Waikato University at the national client interviewing competition.

Electric vehicles on-campus 14 Apr 2016
A fleet of electric vehicles was parked-up on campus last week, providing an opportunity for staff and students to view and then learn about the different vehicles’ capabilities.

Law building officially opened by PM 7 Apr 2016
Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key officially opened the University of Waikato’s new Law building on 7 April.

Law Student wins doctoral scholarship 1 Apr 2016
Adrienne Paul is the recipient of the Waikato University Doctoral Scholarship and she's now undertaking her PhD in Māori legal issues related to the MV Rena disaster.

Electric Vehicle Policy: New Zealand in a Comparative Context 1 Mar 2016
Professor Barry Barton has teamed up with Dr Peter Schütte from Bremen University to write a research report which analyses the laws and policy measures that can be put in place to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the light vehicle fleet.

Tauranga solicitor shows it's never too late 23 Feb 2016
For 15 years John Delaney woke up every morning and asked himself, "am I following my passion?"

Lifting our climate change game - Professor Barry Barton 23 Feb 2016
A new report sets out a blueprint for shifting to a low-carbon economy through improvements in energy, transport, building, agriculture, industry and land use. Law Professor Barry Barton was one of the report's authors.

UN Ambassador to New Zealand Mark Gilbert speaks at annual Krinock Lecture 1 Feb 2016
Mark Gilbert, United States Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa was a guest speaker at the 2016 Krinock lecture held at the University of Waikato.

Future-proofed complex replaces four buildings 26 Jan 2016
New and returning law and management students at the University of Waikato will arrive to a new, state-of-the-art facility in February.

Waikato hosts US law students 1 Jan 2016
Eight American law students are studying at the University of Waikato from 5 January to 19 February 2016 as part of a foreign study programme.

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UNDRIP Symposium 1 Oct 2016