Law 1 Paper Offerings

Law 1 provides students with an introduction to the structure of the legal system, the skills of legal reasoning, writing and research, and the relationship between culture and the law and legal system. The materials used in the papers will reflect the relationship between the law and legal system and the social, economic and political systems in a bicultural context.

Law 1 Y papers (A + B Semester)

LEGAL103 (HAM)  - Legal Method
LEGAL106 (HAM)  - Legal Systems and Societies
LEGAL107 (HAM)  - Constitutional Law

B Semester

LEGAL105 (NET)  -  Introduction to New Zealand Law and Society

Summer School T Semester (Nov/Dec)

LEGAL105 (NET)  -  Introduction to New Zealand Law and Society

Papers are offered subject to demand & staff availability.

LEGAL103Y Legal Method (20 points)

This paper introduces students to legal knowledge and skills in the areas of legal research, legal writing, legal reasoning and the judicial process, and statutory interpretation. Participation in a moot is required. Attendance at workshops, lectures and computer tutorials is compulsory.

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:0

LEGAL106Y Legal Systems and Societies (20 points)

An introduction to the history, sources, context and institutions of law in Aotearoa/New Zealand, with particular reference to statute, custom as illustrated by Maori customary law and the common law, and the distinctive position of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 2:3

LEGAL107Y Constitutional Law (20 points)

An examination of the constitutional framework underpinning the New Zealand system of government, including the Treaty of Waitangi, constitutional doctrines and conventions, controls on the exercise of public power, and the relationship between the citizen and the state.

Restriction(s): LEGAL201
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 2:3