Law 2 Paper Offerings

Law 2 provides students with an introduction to the theories of law, the nature of the constitutional framework, the nature of the relationship between the state, administrative agencies of the state and the individual, and the principles of the Law of Contracts.

Law 2 Y papers (A + B Semester)

LEGAL201 (HAM)  - Public Law A
LEGAL203 (HAM)  - Jurisprudence
LEGAL204 (HAM)  - Contracts
LEGAL206 (HAM)  - Administrative Law
LEGAL207 (HAM)  - Torts

Summer School T Semester (Nov/Dec)

LEGAL205  - Foundations in Legal Studies

Papers are offered subject to demand & staff availability.

LEGAL201Y Public Law A (20 points)

An examination of the constitutional framework underpinning the New Zealand system of government, including the Treaty of Waitangi, constitutional doctrines and conventions, controls on the exercise of public power, and the relationship between the citizen and the state.

Restriction(s): LEGAL107
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 2:3
Note: This paper is only available to students who commenced the LLB programme prior to 2007 or who are enrolled in the Dip(Law).

LEGAL203Y Jurisprudence (20 points)

An analysis of legal theories and ideologies, emphasizing different approaches to the meaning of law, examining the relationship between theory and practice, illustrated by the concepts of sovereignty, liability, property, justice, rights and personality.

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:1

LEGAL204Y Contracts (20 points)

An introduction to the theory of contract; the general principles relating to the operation, formation and discharge of contract; the general principles of agency.

Prerequisite(s): LEGAL103 and LEGAL106
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 2:3

LEGAL206Y Administrative Law (20 points)

An examination of the exercise and control of executive power in New Zealand and the relationship between the state, its agencies, and the individual. The institutions and processes of review and redress, both non-judicial and judicial are examined.

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 2:3

LEGAL207Y Torts (20 points)

An analysis of the general principles of civil liability; interests protected by the law of torts; negligence; specific torts such as nuisance and defamation; and the law relating to compensation for personal injury by accident in New Zealand.

Prerequisite(s): LEGAL103
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 7:13