Subject Librarians

Subject Librarians work with postgraduate students and staff to provide specialist, individual assistance, with finding information for your study and research. This page details the subjects that each Subject Librarian supports and contact information. See also Maori Information Services.

Tip: Click on the Subject Librarian's name for a list of their subjects or to learn a little bit more about them.

Team Members

Helen Lynch

Subject Librarians' Team Leader

(07) 838-4981
Alistair Lamb

Subject Librarian

(07) 858-5104
Anne Ferrier-Watson

Subject Librarian

(07) 837-9130
Cheryl Ward

Subject Librarian

(07) 837-9132
Clive Wilkinson

Subject Librarian

(07) 838-4749
Heather Morrell

Subject Librarian

(07) 837-9131
Hinerangi Kara

Te Kaitakawaenga Māori / Māori Liaison Librarian

(07) 838-4754
Jess Howie

Subject Librarian

(07) 838-4762
Jillene Bydder

Subject Librarian

(07) 837-9128
Mahue Dewes

Kaitiaki Pukapuka Māori/Māori Subject Librarian

(07) 837-9649
Mel Chivers

Subject Librarian (on leave)

(07) 837-9129
Yilan Chen

Subject Librarian

(07) 837-9129