Library Vacancies

There are no Student Assistant vacancies at present. All permanent positions are advertised on the University Vacancies site.

Student Assistant Information

Student Assistant positions in the Library are generally for the Academic year, from either January or March to November. There may also be positions available over the Summer School period (November - December).
When hiring Student Assistants, the Library looks for students who will be:

  • Reliable, punctual, and able to maintain their commitment throughout the year
  • Responsible, and able to ensure that the rules of the Library are observed
  • Able to respond in a pleasant and helpful manner to any enquiries from Library users
  • Accurate and efficient in their work
  • Able to make their Library work their first priority during their work hours.

If you are employed by the Library, we require your permission to release your contact phone number to the other Student Assistants so that shift changes can be arranged by the people involved.

Please note: Book stacks are often dusty. Those who suffer from asthma or sinusitis have experienced problems. Please take this into consideration when applying for Student Assistant positions.