Subscription Databases Agreements and Coursepacks

What is a coursepack?

A coursepack is a compilation of copied material from a number of sources made available to support the teaching of a course. They may be in print format, CD-ROM, or available electronically via Moodle, MyWeb or EdLinked. Each document requires this copyright statement:

Copyright Warning Notice

This course material may be used only for the University’s educational purposes. It includes extracts of copyright works copied under copyright licences. You may not copy or distribute any part of this material to any other person, and may print from it only for your own use. You may not make a further copy for any other purpose. Failure to comply with the terms of this warning may expose you to legal action for copyright infringement and/or disciplinary action by the University.

What is a copyright licence agreement?

Copyright licence agreements are negotiated with copyright licencing agencies to enable universities to copy beyond the provisions of the Copyright Act 1994 for educational purposes (sections 44-49) or fair dealing (section 43). The Licence Agreement with Copyright Licensing Ltd covers print to print and print to digital copying. There are separate agreements for newspapers (PMCA), broadcasts (Screenrights) and music (APRA, AMCOS and PPNZ). These documents may be found on the University of Waikato Copyright Information page.

Are articles from subscription (licenced) databases included in these agreements?

No. The licence agreement with CLL covers print-to-print and print-to-electronic copying only. It does not cover copying from subscription databases. The University of Waikato Library makes separate licence agreements for each database, e-journal subscription and ebook package. Some vendors allow copying of material for inclusion in print coursepacks and ecourse packs. Others will only allow linking to full-text articles using a permanent/persistent link or DOI.

See Creating Links to Library Resources: Examples for a great list of examples, including link converters and screenshots.

  • Source data (full bibliographic information) and the copyright warning notice are required for each item in print and ecoursepacks.
  • Delete electronic files at the end of the course.
  • Linking is permitted (and preferred) in most cases.

* Including CD-ROM and electronic articles in Moodle, EdLinked, MyWeb.

Database Print Coursepack Online Coursepack *
A+ Education (see Informit)
American Chemical Society (ACS) Journals Yes Yes
American Geophysical Union (15 titles) Yes Yes
American Institute of Physics Yes Yes
American Physical Society (see PROLA)
American Society for Microbiology journals No No
American Society of Mechanical Engineers journals No No
Annual Reviews No No
ACM Digital Library Yes Yes
Cambridge Journals Online No Yes
Ebrary ebooks No No
Emerald Yes Yes
Factiva Yes Yes
HeinOnline No No
Ingenta Connect No No
Informit No No
Institute of Physics Yes Yes
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (see SpringerLink)
Leisure Tourism (CABI) Yes Yes Check with Law Staff No
LexisNexisNZ Yes No
Nature Journals Online (see also Scientific American) Yes Yes
NZCER Journals Online Yes No
Oxford Online Journals Yes Yes
(includes 4 journal titles, Environment and Planning A, B, C & D)
No No
Project Muse No No
PROLA (Physical Review Online Archive) Yes Yes
Proquest Central No No
PsycArticles No Yes
Royal Society of Chemistry Yes Yes
Sage Journals Online Yes Yes
ScienceDirect (Elsevier) Yes Yes
Scientific American Yes No
Science Online (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Yes Yes
SpringerLink Yes Yes
Taylor & Francis Journals Yes Yes
Wiley Interscience Yes Yes