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The Library occasionally arranges trials of database products, to evaluate their suitability for purchase. If you would like to suggest or arrange a trial, please contact your Subject Librarian.

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An essential resource for students and scholars studying food, on courses as wide-ranging as history, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, human geography, sustainability, agriculture, culinary arts, literary studies, political science, and development studies. Includes:

  • Ken Albala’s Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia and the Cambridge World History of Food
  • Several major reference works including Bloomsbury’s Cultural History of Food in six volumes and key chapters from Food History: Critical and Primary Sources
  • Over 60 eBooks by key authors in the field including Warren Belasco, Carol J. Adams, Anne Murcott, Rick Wilk, Fabio Parsecoli and Peter Jackson
  • Image collections from leading institutions around the globe including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

Trial ends 3 November 2017

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