Event Spaces in the Student Centre

To request the use of a space in the Library, please fill in the Event Spaces Form.

Available Spaces

The following spaces may be available for University of Waikato groups to use:

M2.15 Teaching room

  • 30 PCs
  • Display functionality
  • Panopto screen capture
  • "Zoom" capable

The primary purpose of 2.15 is as a teaching room for Library staff to give hands on sessions. Its secondary purpose is as a computer lab for students.

M2.23 Teaching room

  • 11 PCs
  • Four group tables
  • 31 seats
  • Display functionality
  • "Zoom" capable

M2.04A (under the stairs)

As this space is part of a fire cell various conditions relate to its use. These are:

  • The maximum room occupancy is 30 persons.
  • Materials which may be placed and left in the room permanently:
    • Computer chairs
    • Study desks
    • Computers – PC’s, keyboards & monitors
    • Soft furnishings made with fire-retardant materials
  • Items which may not be placed/stored permanently in the space:
    • Flammable foam materials and coverings
    • Paper, books, magazines, newspapers
    • Photocopiers or MFD’s

There is no limit to the number of books, magazines, study papers and other such flammable materials which may be brought into the space on a temporary or casual basis during the course of a day but the room must be cleared of all such items at the end of each day.

Level 2 balcony

  • 10 café tables
  • 36 café chairs
  • 2 large picnic tables with seating for 12 at each

Note that the following rooms are bookable in advance by students as group study rooms. These bookings have priority and so these rooms will not be available at short notice.

M2.02 (Level 2 “pod” can be combined with 2.03)

  • One group table
  • Eight chairs

M2.03 (Level 2 "pod" can be combined with 2.02)

  • Two group tables
  • 10 chairs


  • Three group tables
  • 10 chairs

M 4.03 (Level 4 "pod")

  • One group table
  • Seven chairs

M4.04 (Level 4 "pod" can be combined with 4.05)

  • One group table
  • Eight chairs

M4.05 (Level 4 "pod" can be combined with 4.04)

  • Two group tables
  • Nine chairs

Open spaces such as the foyer and Level 2 are also available.

An easily portable trolley with 19 chairs is also available.


  •  Library / SASD / Fees business requirements
  •  Library / SASD / Fees associated events
  •  Students for group study
  •  Other groups on campus e.g. TDU, Student Learning (any teaching should usually be in association with Library staff)
  •  CME (Communications, Marketing and Engagement), VC functions
  •  Other Divisions
  •  University Committees e.g. Research Committee, Library Committee
  •  Academic staff teaching (any teaching should usually be in association with Library staff)
  •  Academic staff workshops
  •  Student Groups (clubs, organisations)
  •  Community Groups – by exception, Level 2 pods

Regular events include Open and Kingitanga days.


All enquires MUST be made on the Event Spaces Form.

Bookings should be during Student Centre opening hours (exceptions can apply).

Must not interfere with the normal business requirements of the Student Centre.

Any arrangements for materials not permanently in the rooms and listed above (e.g. PCs, datashow). and any refreshments (including tablecloths and serviettes) must be made by the hirer.

All deliveries MUST come in through the dock at the back of the Student Centre via Gate 5.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to return the room to its original condition, ensure that any extra materials are removed at the end of the function and no uncovered food or food scraps are to be left in the building overnight.

Only minimal assistance is available from Student Centre staff.

These conditions apply from 5.1.2016 and will be reviewed at the end of the year.