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Project field trips

Tuesday and Wednesday involved two trips to two different provinces, one an hour by motorbike to look at some household water harvest systems and another 2-3 hour trip to look at several schools.

Kandal province is an hour or so out of Pnom Penh, a pretty densly populated rural area with samll villages in between.  We had to go and look at/ validate twelve household systems which were installed by a local contractor who had been trained by RWC technicians to make the tanks and guttering and then install them on-site.  Household systems are made up of zinc roof and guttering, PVC pipes connecting to a 'first flush system' before entering into concrete ring tanks which have outlet taps, drain valves and overflow pipes. 

The school systems are made of larger ferro-cement tanks up 35 cubic meters and larger guttering and pipe systems which are connected to drinking fountains or taps outside latrines.  In flood zones the tanks (and school buildings, and houses!) are all built on stilts more than 2m high.

The work done by the technicians is generally good but some guttering and pipe systems were poorly attatched and in some house systems there was no fall in the gutter/pipe systems so flow to the tank would be minimal.  The recipients of the systems were always happy though, education of maintenance and how to avoid contaminating the water is part of the projects but rarely adhered to apparently. 

It was great to get out of the city and see some countryside, however living conditions are rough. Dry, dusty and no clean water.  Villages may have a communal pond which is used by even the animals, or water is pumped from the river into small ceramic tanks which then get contaminated further. 

They are all smiling though.

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