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    Press Releases for 2009

    White Christmas in Antarctica (18 December 2009)
    Waikato University student Tanya O’Neill is spending eight weeks in Antarctica as part of her PhD on soil sciences. In a series of occasional columns, she shares some of the highlights and lowlights of life on the ice.

    New schools join Te Kotahitanga programme (18 December 2009)
    Seventeen schools have joined the innovative Te Kotahitanga programme devised and run by the University of Waikato.

    Something fishy (17 December 2009)
    What makes fish stress? Rainbow trout in particular. Waikato University PhD student Grant Tempero has received a $4,000 Claude McCarthy Fellowship from the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee to assist his study into changes in fish haemoglobin under different environmental stressors.

    Like science? You'll love Waikato (16 December 2009)
    Budding young scientists get the chance to experience the latest scientific techniques, meet like-minded science students and experience university life every year at the Hill Laboratories Waikato Science Summer School.

    Tauranga student takes legal path (15 December 2009)
    Tauranga-based law student Lucy Cass wants to practice family law one day and hopes to become a voice for distressed children caught in the middle of domestic disputes.

    Acclimatising in Antarctica (15 December 2009)
    Waikato University student Tanya O’Neill is spending eight weeks in Antarctica as part of her PhD on soil sciences. In a series of occasional columns, she shares some of the highlights and lowlights of life on the ice.

    Waikato graduate with attitude aplenty (14 December 2009)
    A University of Waikato graduate has been named the supreme award winner at the recent annual Attitude Awards, which celebrate achievements of people with disabilities.

    Students driven to law (10 December 2009)
    If you live in Tauranga and want a law degree you need to be prepared to travel. Several car loads of law students go over the hill to the University of Waikato in Hamilton several days a week.

    Students inspire teaching excellence (10 December 2009)
    Tina Williams owes her passion for teaching to her students and influential colleagues.

    Help coming for stressed pregnant women (10 December 2009)
    Researchers at Waikato University’s Psychology Department are conducting a study of pregnant women and their partners to understand prenatal stress and gain insight into stress management techniques.

    Uni academic discusses Climategate (10 December 2009)
    The recent leak of material from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, dubbed Climategate, is an interesting development but not totally surprising, says Waikato University oceanographer Willem de Lange.

    Waikato residency for Auckland playwright (7 December 2009)
    Award winning playwright Albert Belz is Waikato University’s writer in residence for 2010.

    Relationship Opportunities (3 December 2009)
    If New Zealanders understood more about Asia then our ability to do business in the region would be greatly improved. The fourth Asia New Zealand Young Leaders Forum was held last month in Wellington, bringing together 30 people aged between 20 and 35 to participate in workshops and activities to develop leadership skills and provide networking opportunities between New Zealanders and representatives from China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

    New book delves into how dolls put Hamilton on the map (2 December 2009)
    An important part of Hamilton’s industrial and commercial heritage is brought to life in a new book, to be launched on December 8 at the University of Waikato.

    Showing off complex creations (2 December 2009)
    Twelve teaching weeks isn't long to get creative and design and build a product to end-user stage. The third year students, about to wrap up their design degrees, were given the theme E-motion, which could be widely interpreted and allowed them huge scope. Most homed in on a subject they were passionate about. For example, long-time musician Leighton Hughes chose music, Hemi Ormsby chose computer games.

    Top scholarship for Waikato student (30 November 2009)
    A Waikato University biochemistry student has been awarded a prestigious Woolf Fisher Scholarship, worth $100,000 a year for up to four years, to study for a PhD at either Oxford or Cambridge University in the UK.

    Waikato ensemble wins music scholarship contest (27 November 2009)
    Waikato University’s chamber ensemble Leonari Trio won the prestigious Pettman/Royal Over-Seas League Music Scholarship contest held recently.

    Attorney to the Stars (27 November 2009)
    A man who knows and understands how the law works in Hollywood is coming to Hamilton to teach for a couple of weeks.

    Student has a bone to pick (27 November 2009)
    Fiddly things, those moreporks. For his third-year zoology project, Waikato University student Allan Rayner wanted to do something practical, rather than an essay or a poster.

    University day for St Peter's principal (20 November2009)
    St Peter's School principal Steve Robb spent a day at Waikato University recently - but in the corridors of power rather than the lecture halls.

    University of Waikato and Wintec agreement (20 November2009)
    Wintec will deliver a University of Waikato pre-degree programme in 2010 as the two tertiary organisations collaborate to adjust their overall education programme provision to ensure the needs of the region are met in the capped funding environment.

    The Germans are on their way (19 November 2009)
    A major research collaboration between the University of Waikato and the University of Bremen in Germany is about to start with 13 students enrolled for doctorate degrees all focusing on aspects of marine and environmental change.

    Royal Society award for Waikato Professor (19 November 2009)
    Internationally acclaimed population studies expert Ian Pool is this year's recipient of the Te Rangi Hiroa Medal awarded by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

    International Hall of Fame for lecturer (19 November 2009)
    Waikato University senior lecturer Sandy Morrison was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.

    Honorary Dog-torate (12 November2009)
    The University of Waikato honours children's writer Dame Lynley Dodd and Hairy Maclary.

    Engineering day crowds (1 October 2009)
    Waikato University's Engineering Open Day is proving more popular each year with secondary school students.

    Summer Research Scholarships (1 October 2009)
    If you fancy spending the summer watching the waves at Raglan, or sunbathing for several hours a day, or even sampling fine wines – all in the name of research, then a University of Waikato Summer Research Scholarship may be for you.

    Test 19K ()
    Test 19K: Making this look good.

    The Iceman Cometh (1 October 2009)
    Polar adventurer and Waikato University Alumnus Jamie Fitzgerald is talking to potential leaders in Schools.

    Prestigious fellowship awarded (1 October 2009)
    The Soil Science Society of America has made Waikato University's Associate Professor Louis Schipper a society fellow – its highest honour.

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