Sport Science in action at Round the Bridges

26 November 2015

For the first time, participants at this year's Round the Bridges, Hamilton's iconic fun-run event, were able to find out what happened to their muscles after running the 6km or 12km course.

The University of Waikato’s Sport and Leisure studies senior lecturer and sports physiologist Dr Matt Driller, and lecturer and Sport Science lab manager Joe McQuillan, were on hand along with two of their masters students to assess participants' muscular strength, explosive power, flexibility and fatigue through a series of tasks pre- and post-run.

These included performing counter-movement squat jumps using a Gymaware position transducer, completing a six-second cycling sprint test, a sit and reach flexibility test and a muscle soreness questionnaire.

Dr Driller says the study went smoothly, with plenty of interest from runners taking part, as well as their supporters who enjoyed seeing sport science in action.

"In total we had 40 runners come and do pre- and post-testing and we had around 70-80 come through including those who weren’t part of the study. We were pretty happy with this considering the weather. There is still lots of analysis to do, however, we have already seen some interesting trends in the data, with those in the 30+ age group fatiguing more during the race when compared to those under 30."
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